About Us

The London and District Academy of Medicine is a professional medical association representing member physicians in London, Ontario and surrounding area.

The Academy acts as the territorial branch society of District 2 of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) providing a full range of programs, services and benefits to assist member physicians.

Purpose of Society
The purpose of this Society shall be to foster professional and social harmony; to advance knowledge in medicine; to promote health care in the community; and to assume the duties as a Branch Society of the Ontario Medical Association for the City of London and County of Middlesex.

Brief History 
Organized professional meetings, which were largely educational and social, began in London about 1900, under the auspices of the London Medical Association and were continued after 1919 by the Western Ontario Academy of Medicine. In 1936 the membership was restricted to those living in Middlesex County and the name changed to The London Academy of Medicine to conform to a growing profession and OMA regional representation.

In 1956 the monthly scientific meetings were abandoned and a permanent office was established in Victoria Hospital. The growth of the profession and the medical faculty shifted the emphasis of the Academy from arranging scientific meetings to coordinating services for doctors and providing a forum for discussion and resolution of professional differences.

Now, with over 600 members, The London and District Academy of Medicine deals with communications, public relations, and mediation, as a larger, multi-disciplined profession tries to find its way in the complex current society

Our Executive Committee

Made up of members in good standing, the Executive Committee officially represents the Academy at all functions.  Committee meetings are held once each month to discuss ongoing events, office correspondence, new members, etc.
Our 2019 Executive Committee members are:


Dr. Sharad Rai, President

Dr. simran Ahluwalia, vice-president

VAcant, Secretary

Dr. rashmi bhalla, Treasurer

Dr. sreelatha varapravan, member-at-largE

Dr. bhooma bhayana, member-at-large

L to R: Dr. Varapravan, Dr. Bhalla, Dr. Rai, Dr. Bhayana, Dr. Ahluwalia

L to R: Dr. Varapravan, Dr. Bhalla, Dr. Rai, Dr. Bhayana, Dr. Ahluwalia