Membership Benefits


Who can join the London and District Academy of Medicine?

The following are eligible for membership in the London and District Academy of Medicine:

  • Legally qualified and registered independent medical practitioners in good standing in the province of Ontario

  • Graduates of medical schools recognized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) who are engaged in teaching, research or medical administration in medicine or the allied health sciences, in the Province of Ontario

  • Individuals who are currently enrolled in a medical school or residency program in the province of Ontario

Why should you join the London and District Academy of Medicine?

There are many membership benefits:

  • Stay informed about professional activities and announcements that may affect your medical practice

  • Participate in professional development and education sessions

  • Establish and maintain your practice through our referral service

  • Access meeting facility and mailing services

  • Purchase discounted office supplies through Grand & Toy

  • Obtain a free guide to fees for uninsured services

  • Access our printed directory of physicians of the London and District Academy of Medicine



Types of membership

Physicians    $175.00
Physicians that have an active practice and have not received a lifetime membership.

Retired    $75.00 
Physicians not in practice, who wish to continue to receive all London & District Academy of Medicine communications.

Resident Physicians/Medical Students     $25.00
Residents that are currently enrolled in postgraduate training or students who are currently enrolled in an accredited medical school program.

Honorary Membership    No Fee
Physicians that have made outstanding contributions to the medical profession on behalf of the Academy. Contributions to the advancement of medical science and other community activities related to the practice of medicine may also be considered. Members of the Academy who have reached the age of 65 years as of December 31 in the year preceding the annual business meeting of the Academy are eligible.

Lifetime Membership    No Fee 
May be granted by unanimous vote of those present of the Academy, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, to any member who has been in good standing continuously for at least 25 years and who has been a past president of the Academy.

Temporary Membership     Executive Approval Required
May be granted on unanimous vote of the Executive to a physician resident in this area for a period of less than one year but otherwise qualified for resident membership, on recommendation by two members of this Academy. Such temporary membership shall expire at the end of twelve months, at which time it is expected that such members will apply for full resident membership.

Membership Renewal
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